1- Post-Graduate education in Iran

Regarding to the importance of medical post-graduate education (CME) in our country, after one decade of experience, the need to find a good strategy for improving post-graduate education of our medical society with regard to rapid
medical development is essential.

2- Evaluation of current imaging situation and presenting strategies to improve it.

Today, Imaging is an important tool in screening, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and patients follow–up. With regard to the importance of Imaging, financial imposition, introduction of new instruments and finally finding the defects and new strategies, we can improve the current situation. This study has stepped in this way.

3- Pre-operative laboratory tests guideline

Laboratory studies for pre-operative evaluation in patients with no history of diseases that need surgery, with regard to financial imposition because of unnecessary tests, waste of time, and the problems of our health services, it is worthy to find standard guideline proportionate to current situation, for preventing unnecessary tests before elective surgeries. This is the aim of this study.

4- Prophylactic antibiotics guideline

Postoperative infection is one of the causes of infective morbidity in patients. Although the application of antibiotics has been an effective step in reducing infection rate, misusage of it, with financial imposition, side-effects, microbial resistance, will end to serious difficulties. This study tries to find the real problems, assess antibiotics application and will present the strategies for improving the current situation in our country.

5- Assessment of Medical Services Situation in burn patients (Degrees II & III)

Burn and its related respiratory damages are still one of the major causes of mortality and morbidity. Burn has always imposed physical, psychological and economic burden. Burn patients usually need longterm supports and several procedures of plastic surgery.
This study regarding the high rates of mortality in burn patients in Iran tries not only to assess the current situation, but also propos the strategies to improve it.

6- Assessment of Medical services’ response to car accident trauma in Iran and proposition of practical recommendations

The general goal of this study is to assess the response of medical services to car accident trauma.
The structure of this project has been designed by the study of references, journals and the Trauma Registry of American college of surgeons. The questionnaire of this project, after passing several procedures, experimented in a pilot study. We asked trained physicians to fill out the questionnaires in various hospitals in different cities of Iran.

7- Assessment of Patients Satisfaction from in-patient and out-patient Services and guidelines to improve it

The general goal of this study is to assess the patients' satisfaction. The primary structure of this research was established by reviewing articles, journals, and various questionnaires from different centers from all over the world. The primary version of the questionnaire was assessed in a pilot study. At present the trained physicians are filling out the questionnaire in various hospitals in different cities of Iran.


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