Brief History

Establishment of a professional association in order to expand the knowledge and practical skills of the surgeons has long been one of the most important goals of the members of this profession in this country.
Foundation of "Ecole de chirurgie d' Adle'' in 1960 was a primary step towards the scientific unity by organizing regular conferences and publishing a surgical periodical, but for various reasons, the productive activities of this establishment was hampered and faded away.

In 1979, shortly following Iranian Revolution, a bloody and hostile war was imposed by Iraqi forces invading Iran from several directions , and members of medical profession and surgeons specifically were faced with an unforeseen, and extremely demanding responsibility, the management of countless war casualties .

The Iranian surgeons, at this stage, were completely unfamiliar with the management of war casualties, since majority had no previous experience with high velocity wounds. This, in addition to an old noble demand and dire need for urgent teaching led to the foundation of a scientific Surgical Association to include general surgery and all subspecialties in this field.

In the year 1983, at the first post revolution surgical specialty board exams, the idea of forming a surgical association was discussed and eleven, renowned and well respected surgeons accepted the responsibility to become founding body of the association.

On the fifteenth of December 1984 the first General Assembly was convened and attended by seventy - four surgeons wherein the Articles of Association were approved and adopted and seven members of the first Board of Directors of the Iranian Association of Surgeons were elected.

The Articles of Associations begins with the following statement: "In accordance to the need for unity of members of surgical profession and their common goals and requirements and the continuous need for progress and expansion of surgical knowledge and skills and improving the care of the surgical patient with full respect for self-reliance of subspeciality societies , the Iranian Association of Surgeons (IAS) is established to include all the members of surgical profession in all specialities".
The first formal scientific congress of IAS was presented in 12 February 1983 in the historical city of Esfahan. This was during early phases of a bloody war in a post revolutionary state full of burning uncontrolled emotions and a sense of suspicion and disagreement by a group of extremists towards any social establishment in a convulsive environment.

Although hectic, and despite all obstructions and hindrance, the congress became a remarkable success. The presence and active participation and support of the Minister of Culture and Higher Education, a surgeon himself, and one of the founding members of the association played a key role in this favorable outcome.

The second congress was planned more confidently and celebrated in the city of Shiraz in the following spring. The tremendously warm reception and participation of fellow surgeons coming from all areas of the country led to the decision to convene an annual clinical congress in May. The annual congress of IAS has enjoyed continuous support and increasing success by the surgical community ever since.
The chapters of Association were gradually established in cities of, Esfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, Mashad, Rasht, Sari, Kerman, Hamedan, Karaj, Ahvaz, and other major cities, where chapter meetings where organized to be carried out in the fall. To this date, 29 clinical congress, 13 chapter meetings, 26 surgical refreshment courses have been organized and successfully carried out by IAS.
During the opening ceremonies of the annual congresses, outstanding surgeons with prominent background of teaching and social and scientific activities and who have pioneered different branches of modern surgery in Iran are recognized and honored.
Iranian Journal of Surgery, a seasonal periodical which is the only formal journal in the field of surgery in the country, has been regularly published since February 1992. A second journal, a digest of more than 43 major periodicals from international surgical literature, converted to Farsi is published bimonthly in cooperation with the Academy of Medical Sciences of IRI. These Two Journals are sent to all IAS members free of charge as part of membership privileges.

In addition, several important sources in the area of surgical knowledge and research and a book for public awareness regarding surgical procedures has been published by IAS.
In the past twenty one years the membership of the IAS has steadily increased and has reached to more than 4000, convening the most prestigious medical scientific association in Iran.
The Board of Governors, with 21 members at present, are elected by vote of confidence of IAS members for a two year period. The president and officers of the Association are then elected by the members of the Board.

Initial founding members of IAS in 1983 in alphabetic order:

Dr. Kazem Abbassioun ( Neurosurgeon )
Dr. Iranpour Boustani (General Surgeon )
Dr. Iraj Fazel (General and Vascular Surgeon)
Dr. Fathollah Hakami (General and Thoracic Surgeon )
Dr. Valiullah Mehrabi (General and Pediatric Surgeon )
Dr. Gholam Reza Maziar (General Surgeon )
Dr. Ali Pourzand (General Surgeon )
Dr. GholamHossain M.Riahi (General Surgeon )
Dr. Farrokh Saiedi (General and Thoracic Surgeon )
Dr. Siavoush Sehhat (General and Thoracic Surgeon )
Dr. Karim Vaez Zadeh (General and Pediatric Surgeon )

The first Board of Directors

Dr. Iraj Fazel
Dr. Fathollah Hakami
Dr. Anoushiravan Hedayat
Dr. Valiullah Mehrabi
Dr. Farokh Saiedi

Present officers of IAS

Dr. Iradj Fazel
Dr. Kazem Abbassioun
Executive Director
Dr. Siavoush Sehhat
Scientific Director
Dr. Maryam Pour Reza

Formal Recognition

By the effort of four founding members (Dr. Iradj Fazel, Dr. Farokh saiedi, Dr. Valiullah Mehrabi, Dr. Abolghasem Abasahl) IAS was formally recognized by the Ministry of Internal Affair on 3rd of December 1989 and later by the Ministry of Health and Higher Education


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